Courtney gave me usable, actionable feedback for my writing. I really appreciated that she was able to give me both general, overall feedback about how to move forward on my project, as well as examples and focused feedback of how to make the changes she described. After I revised what I had written, I could feel such a difference in the quality. Best of all, I felt like I learned a lot of techniques to make future writing projects better.

Marjorie Old, Private Client, Yoga Teacher, Writer & Educator

Courtney of Om & Ink’s Yoga and Meditation For Writers classes has inspired me to become not only aware of myself, but of the literary magic the Earth offers me. Journaling every move and feeling during my practice makes it that much more interesting.

Rachel McCarley, YFW Series Participant, Writer, Yogi & Student

Courtney is an amazing word whisperer!!!

Nadia Kimmie, Yoga Teacher & Porcelain Artist

Courtney’s Yoga for Writers workshop was the most illuminating yoga class I’ve been to. Her guided meditation led me into a mental and spiritual place inside of me that allowed me a true connection to my inner self. She’s a talented instructor whose attention to detail really pays off. Thank you, Courtney.

Cherise Bacalski, YFW Workshop Participant, Poet & Attorney

As an author of a fairly well regarded book already, one might think a writing class wouldn’t be an attraction. But nothing would be further from the truth. When I heard that Courtney was going to present on yoga and writing I was immediately drawn in. The experience was wonderful. You will seldom find a teacher better prepared and with as much solid content. The intersection of creativity and writing became my friend in this course. I recommend any writer, beginning or advanced, to have some fun and find your flow.

Alan Shelton, Mentor, Teaching, & Author of Awakened Leadership

As an artist I took “Yoga & Meditation for Writers” looking for inspiration, what I found were much needed ways to open creativity and break through creative blocks. Though I do not identify as a writer this class has unleashed a voice demanding pen to paper. Through the yoga flow my creative mind connects to my physical body, this connection is then nourished by meditation and tools Courtney gives in class. Courtney handpicks writings and other resources for you to explore outside of class, giving you a window into the driving force behind the wildly creative modern novelist. I can go on and on about what a revelation this class has been but in finality I give Courtney Kilian five stars!

P.S. I will definitely be taking this class again! Even six weeks is not enough time to delve into the wealth of knowledge that Courtney has!
Stevie Mac, YFW Series Participant, Painter & Student

Thank YOU for such an incredible class! You have such a gift leading such a calm and balanced practice. It was the perfect way to end a long week of training runs. It felt so good to open up my muscles and to just be there in that space relaxing and breathing in that moment. I’m so glad it worked out and so thankful for the experience. It was nice to escape for a bit and then to come back feeling relaxed and refreshed for a new week! Thank you so much! I’m also very excited to go through some of the writing exercises through the week!!

Stefanie Wehren, YFW Workshop Participant

I had the most amazing experience with you and your workshop. It was exactly what I needed, and better than I could have ever dreamed. I was so comfortable with you, you gave me such great personal constructive feedback and brought so many wonderful prompts to the workshop – I loved it. I’ve been bragging about my experience since then. It ignited a fire in my personal and professional writing and I walked away equipped with new skills and ideas that make me feel like a stronger writer. You gave me great tools, got my wheels turning, and gave me the little push I needed. I will certainly take more of your classes and will absolutely be dropping by a yoga class or two! So happy to have met you, and I look forward to working more with you in the future. Unfortunately for you, you’re stuck we me now. Thanks again for the amazing afternoon and lessons that I will hold onto and remember forever.

Danielle Rachford, Writing Workshop Participant, Analyst, Poet, & Storyteller

THANK YOU for your Yoga & Meditation for Writers Class! Kudos! Such a wonderful way to spend two hours! The time blew by ~ The class was inspiring as you softly wove patterns to release us into our personal freedom to aloft and float in just being ourselves and to consider all the possibilities for growth and experience. Really enjoyed the visualization time, the suggestions to ponder and cultivate for more creative practice. The handout exercises and journaling prompts are so helpful along with the inspirational quotes. Thank you so much!

Marci Diane, YFW Series Participant