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Migraines are a debilitating neurological disorder that come with a barrage of sometimes strange and often painful symptoms. These are not your average headaches: your brain structure changes with each attack, leading to earlier dementia, and each time one strikes, it steals productive time and precious moments.

Arm yourself with your own toolkit of yoga based practices to improve circulation, reduce pain and stress, release muscular tension, and improve posture—all factors in migraines. Tune into your body to receive feedback and awareness with practices specifically designed for migraine prevention and relief.

Courtney uses a gentle, mindful approach, geared to transform your relationship to your body and its experience of pain. Melt into this series to release tension and build your healing arsenal with mindfulness, pranayama, mudra, self-massage, meditation, preventive gentle yoga, restorative yoga, and homeopathic remedies. This yogic toolkit is your resource to easing and preventing your migraines.

  • 3 Video Series
    • Video 1: Lecture
      • The Four Phases of Migraines & catching them early
      • Common Triggers
      • Natural Remedies
      • What to Include in Your Migraine Toolkit
    • Video 2: Yoga Practice
      • Full Gentle Yoga Preventive Practice
      • Guided Tense & Release Practice
      • Calming Pranayama Practices for Dizziness & Nausea (throughout videos)
    • Video 3: Yoga Practice
      • Full Restorative Yoga Practice for Mangaing Migraines
      • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Body Scan
      • Guided Meditation for when a migraine hits
  • PLUS  a detailed e-book to refer to for workshop highlights including preventative tips, practices and what to do when you’re having a migraine
  • Purchase includes unlimited lifetime access

Filmed by Yoga Vista Academy. Presented by Gentle Yoga Teacher & Migraine Sufferer Courtney Amber Kilian. This workshop series is a culmination of years of struggling and working with chronic migraines, gentle yoga and yoga for trauma trainings, and extensive research.