Dear Wild Creative Soul:


Whatever you seek to do or bring into this world, may this solstice light you with energy and drive.



If you live in the northern hemisphere, then tomorrow marks Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. Cultures around the world celebrate sunlight’s peak.

The solstice is the perfect time to tune into creativity, turn thought into action, and tap into the powerful energy within you.

With Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year, comes a time of inward reflection, hibernating, and letting the seeds of ideas germinate. With Summer Solstice, it’s time to break free, bring whatever you’ve been incubating into the light, and set ablaze what you want to accomplish.

Sunlight is pure energy. As a power and light source it brings warmth, fosters creation, and nurtures things to grow. Sunlight makes the world sparkle and glow. It embodies energy and action, movement and strength, vitality and expansion.

As we move into the longest day of the year:

  • Ask yourself: What do I want to charge with solar power this solstice?
  • Take a few moments to think about what you want to send energy to and bring into the light.
  • Meditate or brainstorm with pen to paper.
  • Then think about how you can turn these thoughts, desires, and passions of yours into action. What daily steps can you take to give them inertia and move them forward?
  • Keep it simple – however you devise your plan of action, make it doable and succinct.
  • Next, pick a way that resonates most with you to celebrate solstice and acknowledge the light and energy within you (a yoga practice at sunrise, a beach walk, a journaling session). What will impact you to mark this Tuesday–Summer Solstice– as a significant landmark in setting whatever it is you desire into motion?
  • Keep yourself responsible for whatever you choose to infuse with energy – share in the comments, or on the Facebook page.
To energy & light,