Happy Lunar New Year! Today marks the beginning of the year of the Red Monkey–a year ruled by the creative, fun, and witty spirit of the monkey, and by the ambitious, willful, and energetic properties of the fire element.

I’ve created this guided meditation as a gift for you to draw in the powerful qualities of the coming year, and release anything that no longer serves you:


Writing Prompt: After listening to the guided meditation, take a moment to journal any images or sensations that arose, and detail your intention for the coming year. Write it in present tense. For example, ‘I am a published author.’ or ‘I am peaceful and self-compassionate.’ Read your intention aloud to yourself. Our goals, dreams and pursuits become real when we give voice to them. Give yours a voice and set it free.

In celebration of creativity, ambition & pursuing dreams,

c amber

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post on feeding the creative fire.