Om & Ink is a meeting place for writing and meditative practice. For awakening your intuition, igniting your creativity energy, and cultivating more space in your life. It’s about experiencing and experimentation.

Consider Om & Ink a studio that you can visit anytime for inspiration and clarity. Imagine it as a space to explore:

  • Meditation in many forms—through nature, imagery, writing, art, cooking—to free up space in your mind and life
  • Yoga to deepen your connection to your own body and kindle the embers of your creativity
  • Writing prompts to stimulate your writing practice and invent the ink to inspire your life

I invite you to breathe deep. One full, rich breath, your most beautiful breath yet, and grab a pen. Today is yours. May you find something that nurtures your soul. That evokes your own wild, your writer, your creative.

Join me. Give yourself permission and freedom to cultivate your art. I’m looking forward to getting to know you.

Thanks for coming to play.