I hope you’ve had a gorgeous first three days of December, remembering that the most important person is you–in order to love and help others, you must first care for yourself. As we move through the self-care challenge this month, these next days are all about refreshing your senses and changing the space you habitually occupy.


On December 4, if it’s possible, take your work to a new location to give yourself a fresh spin. Bring your laptop to a new coffee shop, your journal to the beach, or simply switch directions. Studies have shown that it’s good for your brain to shift things around–taking a different route home from work, sleeping in a different direction in bed (i.e. North to South instead of South to North), or even rearranging your cubicle, desk space, or where you view your computer helps stimulate your brain and create new neuro-pathways. If all you are able to do is switch your direction in some way today, you’ve invigorated your mind.

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On December 5, spend some mindful time in nature. Even if all you have is five minutes, work in the garden, appreciate new growth, dormancy, or changes in plants (or for my wintery friends, explore the transformations around you through the naked trees and freshly fallen snow). Practice mindful walking in the tradition of Thich Nhat Han to nourish and enrich your experience of your body moving across the earth:

“We have to awaken ourselves to the truth that we are here, alive. We are here making steps on this beautiful planet. This is already performing a miracle. But we have to be here in order for the miracle to be possible. We have to bring ourselves back to the here and the now. Therefore, each step we take becomes a miracle. If you are able to walk like that, each step will be very nourishing and healing. You walk as if you kiss the earth with your feet, as if you massage the earth with your feet. There is a lot of love in that practice of walking meditation.”

For today, take time to watch the clouds move across the sky, examine a leaf, feel each step you take on the earth, and do nothing but be present in the miracle of being alive.

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December 6: This is one of a few days during this Self-Care Guide that I’m leaving open for you. On this day, I’m an extending an invitation to you to do something that cultivates self-care and gratitude. If you have a moment, stop by in the comments below–I’d love to hear what you come up with.

With love to you,

Courtney Amber