I know I’ve been a little quiet with posts. I haven’t stopped thinking about you though! In fact, I’ve been thinking about you nonstop as I hunkered down to officially develop and fine-tune my program Yoga & Meditation For Writers. It’s a six class series that is all about diving into the creative process, getting to know your voice, and accessing your intuition.


Here’s a little background on why I’ve woven the two together, and how I see Yoga & Meditation as beneficial tools for writers (and, they are so beneficial–in fact, I’ve been dancing and rock climbing and posing and creating my way through this process and series, and am so excited to unveil it to you!)

First, and this isn’t hard to guess based on my blog, I love Yoga & Writing. Ok, maybe that’s an understatement. I’m passionate about Yoga & Writing. Over the moon, in fact.

And, just as luck has it, Writing & Yoga have a lot in common. Take a peak:

  • Discipline – Yoga actually means ‘discipline.’ As simple as it sounds, a yoga practice begins when we take that first conscious breath. And, our writing practice begins when we sit down, pick up the pen or alight our fingers across the keyboard, and we write that first word.
  • Arriving – So much of both a mindful and creative process come in the act of arriving. Getting to that creative space can be difficult, and that’s where Yoga and Meditation come in. They are tools to:
    • Drop you into the present moment
    • Move you away from judgement (what writer doesn’t need to take a step back from the inner critic?)
    • Be present with what is (i.e. remove those self-inflicted obstacles)
    • Travel to a place where you can listen to your intuition and create with spontaneity and freedom (all of which can happen during the incredible process of getting to know yourself and your body–your most precious tool on this planet)
  • Dedication – To ignite the creative process, we must dedicate ourselves to it. To cultivate anything, we must feel it, spend time with it, feed it. Yoga and mediation help you laser in on your focus and concentration, allowing you to dedicate time to your writing practice.
  • Presence – For both to be done well–meaning in the most perfectly flawed and character-filled expression of all that is you–you must be wholly present to sensation and open to experience.
  • Therapy – Yup! Yoga and writing are some of the best therapeutic forms of expression there are. They offer catharsis, cleansing, and release. And, sometimes we need a good cleansing through organic movement and meditation so we can approach our writing with a decluttered mind.

Pretty cool, huh? Are you as excited as I am? Join this series to peel back the layers and labels that you carry with you. Take yourself as the obstacle out of the equation. Dive deep. Release your inner writer. And, gain these following tools:

-Build your writing practice through Yoga & Meditation
-Improve your concentration & focus
-Improve your delivery of sensory details & emotionally impactful scenes
-Eliminate writer’s block
-Tune into your centers of intuition, truth & stability & apply these to your creative process
-Set goals, manifest creative projects, and take the pressure off by silencing your inner critic and moving into a space of non-judgement & freedom to pursue your most creative self!

Each class include special freebies like at home exercises and practices, mp3 files of meditations, and outside reading to deepen your practice.

Woohoo! Join me! I’m so excited to meet you on the mat as we pose & prose!

Questions? Let’s chat! Email me at courtney at omandink dot com.

Check out this short video I created about the series.

To expressing, experimenting & intuitive processing,

c amber


Yoga & Mediation For Writers – A Six Class Series

Click here for class descriptions & details

Upcoming Offerings:

Yoga Vista Studio, Vista, CA: Sundays 2-4 beginning July 10th! Pre-registration perk: sign-up for the entire series and receive an entire free class!

San Diego Writers, Ink, Point Loma, CA: Sundays 2-4 beginning September 18 (link TBA)

*Keep an eye out on my ‘Work With Me‘ page as new offerings will continue to be added*