The coming full moon, December 25th this year, and the last of the year, grants us a peak of clarity to look back at the past year. Native Americans call this moon the Cold Moon or Long Night Moon. It falls on one of the longest mid-winter nights, and has a high trajectory across the evening sky.


Congratulate yourself on what you’ve done.

Look fondly on past memories.

Begin to mediate on what you would like to cleanse yourself of for the coming year, and what intentions you would like to set.

Find a time to journal about these things. There is something so affirming, so clarifying, and so meaningful about putting words onto paper (or in a Word document). Set a timer. Give yourself 10 minutes (you’ll be surprised at how fast it goes) to reflect.

Then step outside tomorrow evening to watch the moon rise. Breathe in its soft, cool glow. Set an intention. Say a prayer. Make a wish. Smile.

To moonlight, marvels & merrymaking,

Courtney Amber